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A New Brand Adventure

Book a Brainstorming Session with Kim Healy Long Island marketing consultant

Burnt out on your business? Stuck on social media? Need an energy infusion from someone with a fresh perspective and a stellar track record? Book a marketing brainstorming session with me! We’ll review what’s working (and what’s not) in any area of marketing you’re struggling with.


Marketing Brainstorming Help

Need marketing input and an energy infusion from someone with a fresh perspective and a stellar track record?

Book a Brainstorming Session!


Here’s How The Brainstorming Sessions Work:

Step 1: Book Your Call

  • Choose an appointment from the calendar below to schedule a call time

  • I’ll email a link to your pre-call worksheet and an invitation to our online chat (voice call or video*, you decide)

  • You’ll complete and submit the online form at least 24 hours prior to our call

  • Once I have your completed form in my hot little hands I’ll review your website and social media handles, as well as any other information you want to focus on, and create an agenda (I love a good agenda)

*Located on Long Island?

We can Brainstorm in-person! Email me for more info.

Step 2: We brainstorm!

  • We’ll kick things off by talking about your expectations for the call, as well as your hopes and dreams for your business

  • You’ll have me all to yourself for 1.5 hours. I’ll have plenty to share, but jump right if in you have questions at any time throughout our call.

  • We’ll discuss any marketing-related topics you’re dying to gain a better understanding of

  • I’ll offer advice, constructive criticism, tips and tricks

Step 3: what happens Next?

  • Within 72 hours you’ll have an email from me in your inbox. Attached you’ll find my signature Brainstorming Recap highlighting big ideas, action items, and reminders (including what not to do) as well as links to any items or content we may have discussed on our call.

  • You’ll feel damn good about your business and what you need to do next to succeed.

  • You have someone who truly understands your business in your corner.

Wondering What We Might Talk about?

  • Which social media platform(s) makes the most sense for your business

  • How to create an Instagram Strategy driven by your brand’s message

  • How your DIY Website could be more effective (copy, keywords, user experience and more!)

  • how an Ideal Client profile can help you achieve your goals

  • How to avoid social media burnout

  • creating an editorial calendar for your blog

  • An overall objective look at your digital presence (website, social media, blog — you name it!)

    Let me help! (Seriously, I love this stuff.)

I take a limited number of these appointments each month, so snag yours today for a one-time investment of $500.00.

Book your Brainstorming Session below: