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Because customer compliments are a sign of good customer service. Here’s what people are saying about working with Kim Healy of Brainstorming the Castle.


Because it’s more interesting to hear my clients speak to my marketing skills…

When I was introduced to Kim, I was at a standstill because I didn’t feel my website represented the who and why of my business.
We had an open and thoughtful conversation about where I’d come from, where I wanted to go. We reviewed who I was, why I do what I do and my overall professional strengths. Kim was able to provide relevant and constructive feedback, along with some really easy immediate changes. It’s hard to put yourself out there as a business owner and say “let’s review what I do and how I can make it better.” But Kim was able to make me feel comfortable, motivated and made me realize I have the tools for success right at my fingertips.
— Michele Fitzwilliam (

Kimberley is so great to work with! She is not only patient but knows her craft like the back of her hand. When I was stuck not knowing how to communicate with my clients she was so fast to deliver helpful and detailed guidance. She came in and saved the day! I loved working with her and will again.
— MirandaMariah Rios (Marketing with MirandaMariah)

I had a brainstorming/discovery session with Kimberly and it was the best, most motivational, and most exciting conversation I had in a long time regarding my business. Kim is exceptionally skilled at processes, helping me discover ways to work smarter...not harder, had incredible insight, and gave me easy to manage tasks, great ideas and takeaways, plus pages of notes that I can always refer back to. She’s skilled in so many areas of marketing especially social media, pitching, and has a wonderful way with words to inspire anyone. I wish I could give more than 5 stars! I highly recommend Kimberly and Brainstorming the Castle for anyone feeling stuck.
— Felicia McMann (Wedding Connections of the Hudson Valley)

I hired Kim for a six-month period as I prepared for the launch of the third and final book of my Baby Grand crime fiction/thriller trilogy. I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about social media and marketing but knew I had to take things to the next level. I tasked Kim with helping to grow my overall social media presence and create a cohesive strategy. Six months isn’t a lot of time, but in that period Kim helped to double my Instagram followers, increase engagement with my Facebook feed, revamp my Pinterest strategy, and grow my email marketing list. She taught me how to maximize the marketing tools at my disposal and experiment with new avenues and new demographics. If it’s good business to know your client’s product inside and out, Kim knows it frontward and backward too. Despite the fact that she was already familiar with my work, she took the time to research my website, read my blog (hundreds of entries), and reread my books. In doing so, she was not only able to offer focused and personalized advice but also help me to rediscover my why, as well as my person. After our first monthly meeting, I told her what my criteria was for a good meeting: Am I smarter than I was going in? Did I learn anything? Was I surprised? Did I leave with actionable tips that I can implement now? Am I excited? Kim met and exceeded those criteria every time. It takes a special person to teach, rather than just tell. Kim’s professionalism and creativity is matched only by her enthusiasm. I look forward to working with her again.
— Dina Santorelli (Author)