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Another bright idea... from Kim Healy. Kim is a marketing consultant who helps small businesses with the big picture. Kim has a background in family business and has also worked extensively in the B-to-B marketing space on both the local and national levels.

How to Increase Foot Traffic and Attract New Customers

People love local shops, but they don’t always come by as frequently as you would like them to. To keep your clients coming back for more on a regular basis, I’ve found that it helps to show them what you’re workin’ with, and what better place to do that than your Instagram feed?

A few years back, I was in charge of digital marketing at the Decoration & Design Building in NYC. The D&D (as it is typically referred to) is 18 floors and 130+ showrooms worth of interior design goodness, so it was basically a treasure trove of content. When creating my strategy for the building’s Instagram account, one of my main goals was to drive traffic to every single showroom. My primary tactic? Posting pictures of the newest arrivals in each of the showrooms. With designers coming in from allover NYC — and, oftentimes, from around the country — the idea was to show them what was new so they could plan their visit accordingly. It always made my day to hear from a showroom that they got a new client because of an image I posted. (Growing the following organically from 2,200 to over 13K didn’t hurt either!)

So how do you apply this to your own shop? For starters, you keep it simple. My photos were taken with an iPhone and I did little-to-no styling (just some creative poses to keep my shadow and/or reflection out of the shot). Your images should be clear and well lit. Don’t feel like they need to be perfectly styled vignettes or professional product shots with an all-white background. The idea is to show your customers what you have and maybe give them an idea of where they’re located on the floor (this is good for busier shops that are short-staffed).

Not sure of what to highlight? If you’re a multi-line showroom or boutique retailer, you can a lot certain days to your various lines, vendors, or makers. You can also plan your posts out by category (jewelry, accessories, cards and stationary, lighting, case goods, etc.). If the different categories still aren’t coming naturally to you, think about how you order inventory and let that make your shot list for you. If there are certain categories that sell more for you than others, feel free to give them more time in your content calendar. After all, you want to highlight whatever is going to motivate your followers to stop by on their next outing.

Like the idea, but unsure of how to implement it in your own business? Book a brainstorming session with me and I’ll help you hash it out. We’ll have that entry alert chiming in no time!

These are a few of my favorite photos from the @danddbuilding feed that I took during my time as digital marketing manager…