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Another bright idea... from Kim Healy. Kim is a marketing consultant who helps small businesses with the big picture. Kim has a background in family business and has also worked extensively in the B-to-B marketing space on both the local and national levels.

Why You Need to Celebrate Your Wins

Why Do We Struggle with Wins?

For most of us, sharing ours wins is hard. Even when our audience shows support and excitement with their words and emojis, it can feel like we’re bragging. No one likes a showoff, but showing off isn’t what sharing your wins is about.

Sharing our losses is easier. It feels more relatable and a natural jumping off point to share what we’ve learned. The thing is — there’s plenty to learn from the wins too and if we don’t share them, who will?


How to Start Celebrating Your Wins

We tend to be quick to move past the wins, but dwell in the losses and beat ourselves up over them. The longer we linger on the wins, the more we can learn from them.

Start simply. Do you have a ritual for wins? If you don’t, create one. Say it out loud. Do a little dance. Put on your favorite empowering jam and sing along. My personal favorite way to savor a win is to write it down.

Some of the benefits of recording all of your wins in one place:

  • You can review them periodically and look for trends.

  • A list of wins serves as a huge pick-me-up on days when you’re struggling.

  • Pitching a new client? Get pumped up by revisiting your wins.

  • If you’re a reading/writing learner, like me, the very act of writing them down and rereading them can help you retain their power.

The next step it to share your wins outside of yourself. Text a fellow entrepreneur friend. Post about it in a professional Facebook group you like. Tell your family over dinner. These practices can make your wins feel real. They’ll also help you find the words to share your wins on a larger, more public scale down the line (think social media, your website, or your next great elevator pitch).

Take a Closer Look

Now that you’re well acquainted with celebrating your wins, it’s time to examine them more closely. Is this win something you knew you wanted or set out to accomplish? Which of your goals for the year does it align with? Are there steps you could have taken (or skipped) to get to the win more quickly and efficiently?

 Can this win get you more of the type of customer or client you want? It may have been a happy accident the first time, but don’t rely on serendipity to bring it around again. Look at the win from its inception and follow it through to success, making note of anything you want to capture, avoid, or recreate. 

Still not sure how to apply this process to your business? Call me — I would be honored to celebrate your wins with you! Book a free twenty-minute consultation or an hour-long coaching session for just $95 by clicking here.


Note: Sharing wins should always be done with an attitude of gratitude. Focus on who helped us, personally and professionally, and spread the love to them as well. Being #grateful is more productive and will take you farther.