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A New Brand Adventure

Long Island Marketing, Branding, and Brainstorming

Marketing Support for Interior Designers, Home Industry Experts, Artists, Artisans, and Craftspeople,. Kim Healy helps small businesses see the big picture. Kim has a family business background and has also worked extensively in the B-to-B and to the trade marketing spaces on both the local and national levels.

Building Your Brand

Whether you’re starting a brand from scratch or

it’s time for a brand refresh, it starts with ‘Why’

Whenever I work with a new client my first two questions are:

  1. What is your why?

  2. Who is your person? (click here for more on what that means)

This is the start of Brainstorming the Brand. There are no right or wrong answers, only honest ones. We need to clarify why you are in your line of work and who your audience is so we can speak to them directly. Once we've completed that process, we can start to plan.


This is where I help you define your goals and determine which strategies will get you results. I'll research the market to see if there are any opportunities you might be missing out on and I'll study your target audience to see if you're getting the most out of each and every interaction. Most importantly, we'll make sure that the plan makes the most of your budget.

  • Business Objectives

  • Marketing Priorities

  • Marketing Goals

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Key Tactics


You know who your brand is, but is it clear to your audience? If you find that your efforts are missing the mark, it's time for a brand audit. We'll identify your goals, take note of your customer interaction points, and check for consistency. By focusing on what works, you'll present a stronger brand and save time in the process!

  • Brand Audit

  • Competitor Research

  • Mood & Vision Boards

  • Style Guide

  • Name Generation

  • Personal Style Review

Digital & Social Media

Social media and digital marketing can be seriously overwhelming. If you try to be everywhere and interact with everyone, you'll drive yourself mad! Together we'll discuss your goals, determine which platforms can help you reach them, and come up with a manageable game plan.

  • Social Media Consultation

  • Social Media Training

  • Social Media Style Guide