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Another bright idea... from Kim Healy. Kim is a marketing consultant who helps small businesses with the big picture. Kim has a background in family business and has also worked extensively in the B-to-B marketing space on both the local and national levels.

Blogging Can Boost Your Business — So What Are You Waiting For?

From a purely analytical standpoint, we write blog posts (this one included) to drive traffic to our websites. Blog posts can serve as content for email newsletters and social media and they can help us in the never-ending effort to show up when people search the Internet for topics connected to our business (three cheers for organic search!).  

Blogs are also an opportunity to show a little personality! Think of this way — if your website is a presentation, your blog is the casual networking conversation you have with attendees after the Q&A. You can share work-related anecdotes, chat about industry events, offer expert advice, and share little pieces of yourself that would have felt out of place in your presentation.

And, while our blogs are a place for prospects to get to know us, like us, and trust us enough to become clients, they can also keep current customers engaged with your brand. If we craft blog posts that are interesting enough to our audience, that section of our site can become a resource they consult regularly.

Over the years I have written blogs for a variety of businesses and publications in industries ranging from interior design to pet shops. Each assignment is unique, but one thing always holds true — no matter who I am writing for or what the topic is, coming up with a calendar driven by goals for the business is what gets them the results they are after.

Here are some goals you might have:

  • Raise brand awareness

  • Establish my brand as an expert in my field

  • Alert my audience about a new product or service I’m offering

  • Show and tell what my business can do (the full range of services, not just what you’re known for) 

There are countless other goals you might have for your business, but one thing is for sure — if your blog content isn’t aimed at reaching a goal, you’re wasting an opportunity.

That being said, one of my goals is to connect with business owners like you who need help with their blogs. Maybe you don’t have the budget to employ someone on staff to write your blog posts or you have someone with the knowledge, but their time could be better spent on other tasks. I offer a wide variety of packages that can be tailored to suit your needs. I would love to schedule a completely free half hour call to discuss your goals and the solutions that blogging can provide.


So what are you waiting for? Email me now!