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Another bright idea... from Kim Healy. Kim is a marketing consultant who helps small businesses with the big picture. Kim has a background in family business and has also worked extensively in the B-to-B marketing space on both the local and national levels.

Tuesdays Together Long Island Meet-up

What is Tuesday’s Together? We are a Society of Creative Entrepreneurs gathering the first Tuesday of every month in the spirit of Community over Competition. The meetings were originally started by the Rising Tide Society who later merged with Honeybook — you can learn more about those two companies here. Now there are over 400 meetings like this around the world every month. I’m co-leader of the Long Island group (you can join our Facebook group here).

Since Long Island is such a large area with so many incredible local businesses and entrepreneurs, we hold meetings in both Nassau County and Suffolk County. Nassau County meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of the month and Suffolk County meetings are typically the second Wednesday.

What to Expect at Tuesdays Together Meet-ups 

Each meeting starts with introductions — your name, your business name, what you do, where you’re located — some light housekeeping (member news, Rising Tide news, etc.) and then we move on to the topic of the month. The first week of the month Rising Tide sends out a guide in the form of a PDF with helpful articles and discussion questions to guide our meeting.

Meetings are held at local venues and, for more personal topics, group members’ homes and local experts are invited to speak (whether they’re group members or not doesn’t matter, we’re just looking for experts on the subject who are interested in sharing their knowledge free of charge!). Attendees are encouraged to come with questions, knowledge, a desire to support their fellow entrepreneurs (our mantras are “A rising tide lifts all boats” and #communityovercompetition), and an open mind.

Want to know what’s coming up on the agenda? Here’s the 2019 Tuesdays Together Content Calendar:

  • May - Self Care Tips and Mental Wellness for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

  • June - Video Content

  • July - Mentorship and Masterminds

  • August - Email Marketing

  • September - Instagram

  • October - Time Management

  • November - Philanthropy

  • December - Rest/Best of 2019 

Interested in getting involved with the Long Island chapter? Want to speak at a meeting or host us? Reach us on Facebook here! Requesting to join? Please use your personal profile (not your business) — and don’t forget to answer our three short questions!