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Another bright idea... from Kim Healy. Kim is a marketing consultant who helps small businesses with the big picture. Kim has a background in family business and has also worked extensively in the B-to-B marketing space on both the local and national levels.

Why I’m Committing to Facebook Live This Year

One of my goals for 2019 is to show up consistently for my clients and prospects. When I sat down and thought about the easiest ways to do this, I immediately thought of video. Why?

  • It’s easy to record.

  • I can write a bulleted outline and speak off the top of my head (without the writer in me taking over and editing everything I say 100 times).

  • It lets my audience see my personality (which in turn gives you a good idea about whether or not we could work together).

  • When I say I’m going to be somewhere (or three places in one night, for that matter), I make it my business to show up. Saying to you that I will pop on Facebook Live each week will force me to hold myself accountable — and who doesn’t benefit from accountability?

Talking about business comes naturally to me

When I go off, unscripted I often think, “I should write that down, it would make a great blog post.” When clients are stuck, I suggest they try talk-to-text or making an audio or video recording to get their ideas down. So why am I not taking my own advice? Why do I let myself start a blog post without an outline and then get bummed out when it turns into a meandering mess? I would never let that get a client down. When the train falls of the track we pick it up, pick it up, pick it up! (Is “Be Faithful” stuck in your head now? Mine too.) So this year I’ll talk first and blog after so that, whatever format you prefer, you can digest the info that way. Sound good? I think so too.

It feeds the rest of the content machine.

A wise woman used to repeatedly tell me, “you don’t have to reinvent the wheel” when it comes to creating content. Instead, the idea is that you create the content once, and then repurpose it for each platform you’re on. With clients, I suggest that they start with the platform that comes the most naturally to them. Once you’ve created the master, then you can select bits and pieces to highlight on the other platforms where your audience hangs out. It’s that simple. Really. Let it be that simple. 

So that’s it, I’m taking my own advice in 2019. I’m going to refine and streamline my efforts, I’m going to let it be easy, and I’m going to have fun doing it. How (and where) do you plan to show up in 2019? Tell me in the places I show up:

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